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Hi KarenI'm 17, and have been suffering (undiagnosed of course) for about 4 years.1. My life is really stressful.. my family situation is all-hell and I have a lot of mental issues that I'm not dealing with. Unfortunately my answer to this one, is "get drunk"2. My best guess is that the strengthening tenses up your muscles. I never do any back/side strengthening stuff.. it makes me a lot worse3. I suggest fasting. Lots of juices and water. It's really hard for the first couple days but you get to feeling great. I know this isn't a long term solution, but I was pooping about 8 times a day when I wasn't even eating, while I fasted (weird huh)4. I'm afraid of enemas, I don't know. I drink coffee in the morning. You've probably tried that, though5. Could be. I feel better when I don't eat much fiber.6. Yes7. Yes. I quit three jobs and dropped out of school and lost all of my friends. And no, things aren't going better now :8. Sorry, I'm still trying to figure things out myself :
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