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I am a teacher as well. Stress plays a major role in me IBS and GAD, not to mention the fact that I work in the most disfunctional school in America. We are one of the best schools in the city but you wouldn't think so if you knew what went on there.I only walk and do yoga. Anytime I have done stomach crunches, they make my stomach hurt. I have enough of that without causing myself more pain.Magnesium, citrucel and a very specific diet have really helped me to go on a regular basis. I have also trained my body to go at the same time every morning. I give myself an hour of just relax time before I head off to school so that I can go normally. I don't know about doing the enema everyday. What does your doctor say about that? I also drink at least 12 glass of water a day. I found that drinking it slowly really helps. If I guzzle down a glass every hour, I just pee it all out and it doesn't help. If you take fiber, it is very important to drink lots of water. I also take flax seed oil capsules with my lunch. Stress is my main problem, at least I think it is. I have decided to make a major change in my life starting next year. I have spent too many days in the ER with pain and too many nights crying. I have had it. I am too young for this I am won't let this take over my life anymore. Sorry for the rant...I hope you can find some kind of consistent relief here. I found so much information on this board that i would have never known about. These people have helped me so much.Good luck
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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