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Hey all, I feel like I wrote so many of your posts myself! I am new to the site, but have had C problems for about 10 years now. Cut and paste these questions and give me some insight:1) I am a teacher. Do you have a high-stress situation in your life? If so, HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH MULTIPLE DEMANDS / conflict happening to you at the same time?2) I do abdominal/back strength exercises, but it seems to make my digestion worse (though I've been told it should do the opposite.) WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS HAPPENING AND SHOULD I KEEP DOING CRUNCHES, ETC.?3) I had a colonoscopy and drank the gallon of Go-lightly. It did not work. My colon stopped dead and they had to do 2 hours of enemas to get it out the next day. My belly is always convex like I'm six months pregnant, but it is not always gas -- it is fecal matter that is just not moving. WHAT WOULD YOU SUGGEST FOR A COLON THAT IS THAT SLUGGISH?4) I have to do water enemas every morning. What is your opinion/experience on this?I've had colonics a few times, each time with such excruciating pain that they had to turn it off for a while. And then, some of the water didn't pass until later in the evening when I go home! Should I stop, or is this doing something positive?5) Lactulose did not help, nor does fiber. These types of things just seems to make me more bloated, but not more regular. Have you had this experience? Is it possible that I need to take less fiber since it passes so slowly?6) Do you find that eating late at night makes you feel awful the next day?7) If you don't "go" for a while do you start feeling super depressed? Do you feel very antisocial?8) Any suggestions you can give me to survive this -- after ten years of trying everything and nothing working consistently?Thank you. I know I left something out, but I will probably be back. I am looking forward to hearing what you all say!karen from kansasage 35
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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