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hi there

ive experienced ibs symptoms for a couple of years now, and i think i have lactose intolerance as well. i feel sick after drinking whole milk.

either way this will probably get very tmi just be warned.

about three hours ago i ate a ton of cheese, and then my stomach started hurting. not too long after that i felt i needed to use the bathroom, so i went and did, and a lot of solid stool came out, which makes sense because i had been experiencing constipation the last two weeks. however, after that, i needed to use the bathroom again, and it was much softer. then again, and it was pretty much liquid.

this is causing me a significant amount of anxiety because im absolutely terrified of vomiting, and of stomach bugs, which i personally dont think this is but my parents do which is making me panic. im wondering that if this was a bug of some kind, would the vomiting have already set in if it was going to happen? thanks and sorry for the tmi

EDIT: i dont know any way i could have caught anything either ive been home the past few days and when im out im super careful with anything i touch and i dont touch my mouth or eat anything i touch because im so scared of getting sick and i havent used a public bathroom in two+ weeks
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