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Interesting morning so far.. Really strange..

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I just had to post this since it is really strange. I have gone to the bathroom a total of 6-7 times (almost lost count). Just with some cramping, but I don't feel extreamly that bad. I started this morning where I went a small amount, but not much. Then about 10 minutes later, I went much more (long fairly thin burning ones). Then I had just gassy ones, and then the last time I just went, it was a TOTALLY NORMAL ONE (good size, etc). VERY STRANGE! Was I just C?? I know I only went twice in two weeks.. VERY STRANGE! I feel fine right now.. Alot lighter and less bloated. I never get the watery kind. The main thing is the BMs almost always burn a bit, and my irritation on my butt! There is like this cloudy stuff (like a liquid) that seems to come off the sides of the stool. I don't have any mucus anymore these days. Just that burning stool. Even if I have not gone for 7 days, the first one still normally burns. I am really confused about this last one though. I felt like I had to go real bad, and it was a normal one after 6 BMs this morning that were not normal. I did feel clogged though, yesterday. I ate stuff I knew would get things going. A gressy hamburger (After eating yogurt), and topped that off with 4 beers and two hot dogs and beans..
That gets things moving..
I do feel good now.. I think I am on the backend (no pun intended) of my IBS. I have managed to gain back 7 of my pounds that I had lost, and in much better shape. Just need to fix these burning stools and get on a normal/regular track!- Mark
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