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That would be wonderful to have a doctor with IBS who can understand what it is like.I have the C-type IBS and problems with trapped gas. My doctor initially had me using daily fiber (Metamucil) and anti-spasmodics (Levbid, Levsin, Bentyl). While this approach probably works well for some, it didn't do anything for me.As of yesterday, my doctor wants to try a new approach. He doens't want me to use the fiber anymore because this may be causing some of my trapped gas and bloating. He now has me using Senecot twice a day, but after taking one I think I am limiting it to one a day. I think my system may have D if I take two. He said Senecot isn't a long-term daily solution, but if it helps me for now then he knows what the problem is and can find me a prescription med to help with C.Good luck with you and hopefully the fiber/anti-spasmodics combination works well for you. If not, I'm sure your doctor can test other remedies.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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