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Sarah, my Levbid prescription bottle has a warning from the pharmacy on it "SWALLOW WHOLE. Do not chew or crush." Which I was thinking would mean breaking in half would be bad, but now I'm thinking maybe not. Since Levbid is extended release, it could be bad for it to go into your body too fast. These are generic hyoscyamin pills, but that shouldn't make a difference.So your doc said it was OK to break the pills in half? Since I started Zoloft, if I take 2 Levbids a day, it seems like it makes me a little drowsy. I've found taking just one, in the morning, usually works, because that's when I get more spasming. I've been more tired because I"ve been sick, and last week took a second levbid in the early evening, and I couldn't believe how drowsy I got! If it's OK to take a half one, maybe I should try that next time.It sounds like you've found a dr. that really understands! I'm sure I'm not the only one who looked at your profile to see if you happened to be close by!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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