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I'm a 23 year old female in generally good health who has suffered from IBS for 3.5 years now. (My previous forum posts go into more detail, but I've gone through a variety of tests and diets, all have which shown me nothing but a lot of vitamin deficiencies.)

I have begun the Low FODMAPS diet over the course of the last few days, and it has already proven to be very interesting. I can't believe that I'm coming to this conclusion, but I genuinely think I may be intolerant to legumes of all things.

I already know that I'm dairy intolerant (to things like ricotta, parmesan, straight milk, etc.) and have been avoiding those at all costs. But yesterday night I had gluten and dairy free pad thai with some friends. A few hours later, I had incredible diarrhea. Pad Thai is obviously covered in peanut sauce and peanuts, so it really got me thinking about legumes. A few examples....

-Whenever I eat tacos or burritos, I get either really bad gas or brain fog and exhaustion. Like i sometimes slip into a deep sleep right after I eat. There are obviously beans in both of these things.

-Whenever I have mixed vegetables for dinner (the frozen kind) I get excessive gas. There are always soy beans in these mixes.

-Just this morning, I had peanut butter on my gluten-free waffles and I'm noticing how poorly I am reacting. I already have awful gas, and my skin is horrendously itchy. I also slept for over 9 hours last night, and feel as if I could go right back to bed.

I would really love some feedback on this. What does everyone think? Am I just crazy or are legumes legitimate intolerances? I am honestly so excited that I may have pinpointed an issue. Thank you for all responses!!!
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