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I would very much like to welcome Sophie Lee as our new Forum Moderator for the main Irritable Bowel Syndrome forum.Sophie is 27 years old and lives on the south coast of England. She has had IBS for about 15 years or so, ever since a really horrific bout of food poisoning. Her symptoms included all the usual IBS symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating and severe abdominal pain. Sophie feels that in day-to-day life she is probably more prone to constipation, but when she has a really, really bad attack it is diarrhea. So she feels she gets the best of both worlds...Sophie writes:
quote:IBS has been a very difficult thing for me to deal with, and at different stages of my life I have been miserable about it, as well as angry, resentful, and just plain despairing. The thing that upsets me the most is the reaction of other people to my illness - they really don't take it very seriously! However, I think that the perception of IBS is changing, for the better, and people are starting to realise that IBS can have a huge affect on your life.Sites like the IBS Self-help Group play a huge part in helping sufferers gain respect and understanding. The group was one of the first websites I ever found on IBS, and I think it is a fantastic resource. Just knowing that there are other people out there who really know what you are going through is so helpful.
In Sophie's spare time she runs a couple of her own websites. She started the IBS Tales website at in around 2001, as she wanted to read some personal experiences of IBS. She also have a new site at which concentrates on the various treatments available for IBS. If that isn't enough, she would also like to play the piano (quite badly) and the flute (very badly).Please join me in welcoming Sophie as our Moderator.Jeff
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