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Hi! everyone.Thank god i found this forum, because i was starting to think I had something terminal.This IBS is very annoying to say the least. It's like a leech that never let's go, and a moving target.I have had two attacks between 2009 and today. They lasted 7~10 days, then miraculously disappear.Although i have not yet gone for expensive tests, my research and symptoms lead me to believe I suffer from IBS.The only symptoms i do not have (or cannot see with the naked eye) is mucous in my stool.IBS has not interfered with my sleep pattern. (don't wake up from cramps)I'm a 49 year old male.Very fit, I exercise 4~5 times a week intensely.I eat like a horse (250 gr protein and 300gr carbs a day, and about 80gr fat). and plenty of greens.6'.1 @ 200 lbs, 11% body fat.Don't drink, don't smoke.During an active IBS soon as i swallow food, i get huge amounts of gas that do not smell.My normally flat stomach looks like an air balloonCramps that move around, but are predominantly in lower right quadrant.When there's no cramps, I have nausea and irregular palpitations. (cramps are more predominant than nausea).There are times during the day when both cramps an nausea are gone but my stomach and colon feel tender.I'm drained of energy.Headache.Constipation Other symptoms include a burning sensation below the rib cage in the middle (it's not acid...i know what acid reflux feels like).I say IBS is a moving target because the burning sensation, nausea and cramps, keep alternating...Anyway, i'm going to do a little more research on the forum to see what i ca do to relieve these symptoms.I can't get any work done when i'm like this.For the last week i have been eating protein powder, grits, and oatmeal, and i'm terrified to change diet.Another symptom i would like to the right of the belly button, 3" , then down one inch.I could draw a circle on my epidermis.I have a spot there...that annoys me after eating all year round...When i have an active IBS attack, that spot hurts as if a knife was stuck through the colon (i have had my appendix out).thanksQuo
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