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Is 1000mg a day TOO much magnesium???

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This past week I took 1000mg of magnesium and it helped sooooo much. Usually I would take only 500 1000mg too much to take everyday? Or should i do somewhere in the middle?
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I would back off to 750 or 800 as 1000mgs is the limit FROM ALL SOURCES and you do get dietary magnesium.K.
what brand of magnesium would you recommend and what would be a good dosage to start with?
I've used GNC and Nature Made brands of magnesium oxide. Some people have found magnesium citrate to work better for them. I would start with 250 to 400mg. Anything over 400mg I would check with your doc. It took a while for it to start working for me because it's not a quick fix like a laxative. It's a daily regime and if I miss one day of taking it, my stools are back to being hard and difficult to pass.
Although this page discusses headaches, it has info on magnesium dosing: ttp://
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