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Is anyone else tired after a D attack?

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After almost 11 years, I've been able to classify my IBS/Life into categories. I have good days, not so good days, bad days, and really really bad days. When I have bad or really really bad attack, I get very tired afterwards. The worse the attack, the more tired I get. And I always have to pee 15-20 minutes later, for some reason. Does anyone else get tired? Do you feel like you need a nap after a lengthy bathroom episode?
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DEFINITELY!!! I'm always tired after an attack. Moreover, I tend to have most of my attacks at night, just when I'm about to shut my eyes!
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after a severe attack i feel like i just run a marathon,thats usually when family members think im being lazy,wish they understood this curse.
I get so tired after an episode of "D",and weak to where I can't do anything,and yes I always have to pee withing minutes afterwards. I thought it was just me,but its nice to know I'm not alone.
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Hmmm I dont have the pee problem after an attack but I do get very tired...Generally a nice long hot bath/shower will help revive some of my energy and helps sooth a grumbly tummy.
I get both tired and weak. Sometimes I have to nap, but usually I just get physically weak so I lie down anyways. This can last for a couple of hours. I find that taking a warm shower or bath usually speeds up the healing process.
when i got bad spasms before taking 200 mg colofac three times a day i would nearly collapse after one. they would drain me out and all i would do was cry and roll into bed feeling sick and worn out. i still dont really know how to handle one when i get one again.
Yes, I get EXHAUSTED after a d attack,,hate when it happens at work..I feel like i havent rested in days...And yes,,i tend to have to pee alot after,,,when my pain starts to subside,,i pee like i had 2 gallons of water to drink!!
I need a nap after. I get most of my attacks usually at 4 or 5 am and I am up for a couple hours so I don't get anymore sleep becuase I have to be up by 6am. I have also noticed that I can kinda tell that I am done when I pee afterwards. It's kinda like the "finishing touch" , sorry don't mean to be rude, but it's true. Does anyone know why?
I am usually tired, shaken and kind of light headed after an attack. You can add scared to death that it won't stop. It seems I am usually in a public place, and have had to literally shove women aside in line to go, or ask someone to hurry.It's sooo embarassing.
I have visited this site for the first time today & glad to see that I'm not alone. I frequently have attacks of D & feel so tired all the time & have often wondered why
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Yeah i get very very very tired and dizzy too!any ideas of how to reduce this?
i used to just crawl into bed with a hot water bottle and have a glass of water by my side and do some really deep breathing.
I too get very tired after an attack! I feel shaky and weak. I usually lie down and take a nap. The worse is when I have an extremely bad bout! I sometimes feel like I'm going to pass out. I also get hot and cold flashes. On the bright side, I now know what is in store when I hit Menopause! lol!
Yes definitely! The bathroom in our bedroom is very close to the bed. It's often right from the bathroom to the bed, remote in hand, T.V. on...fall asleep. (Until a 6, 7 or 12 year old needs something and starts yelling for you....)
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O Gosh, talk about tired. I get exhausted! I lately have been going 5 times in the morning and that just wears me out for the whole day! I'm so exhausted that my heart is pounding when I'm trying to move around or do anything. All I can do is just sit there until I feel better.Kelly
Every time, it completely wears me out. I've been known to take a nap afterwards usually! But I always have to lay down with my heating pad for at least a half hour after an attack. Calms things down and I need the rest. And same here the worse the attack the more tired I am. Yesterday I was sick for 2 hours straight, I went to bed really early last night!
For somereason, no matter how many times I have ended up in the bathroom, I always have to's like I know my bladder isnt' that big...anyways...I have had it for 21 years and counting, can anyone else relate?? By the way, I'm only 21!!
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Thank you.I thought that I was the only one that was totally exhausted after an attack.I am so tierd, dizzy, and my heart pounds so hard that I think it might just jump right out of my chest.
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