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I have been on 3 mg. of Zelmac for 4 weeks now. I adjusted it to where I would take it early in the AM, about 6 AM, and not eating until about 8:30 which improved my results. However, the 1st BM in the morning tends to be loose, then the 2nd BM, about an hour or two later is like ribbons. Then I am gassy and crampy, like I did not get complete elimination. I have added a small amt of Citrucel in the morning, beginning yesterday... no changes yet. The main positive change that I am noticing after being on Zelmac is that the gas that I have always had problems with, is now releasing much easier, so there is less trapped gas and pain. Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem of feeling uncomfortable about being around people with my gas problem. Any suggestions or shared experiences would be a great help.Susan
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