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Is Culturelle refrigerated ?

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Does this "friendly bacteria" require refrigeration ? I always heard that probiotics were useless if not refrigerated. Also, it would have to refrigerated from manufacture to comsumption. Thanks for any feedback on this.------------------Speedy
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Hi Speedy:I'm checking in quickly before going to work. Yes, Culturelle is refrigerated. Each capsule is also individually wrapped, if that's the right word for it. On their site they say that they don't like to ship after Wednesdays in case it gets hung up in the mail too long.I had a small, independent pharmacy order it for me from their own supplier, and they had it to me by the next day. If you can get someone to work that fast for you it might be the best way to get it.Hope this helps!
Jean------------------"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." Babe Ruth. And I'm also Praying with Bettie for a cure for this NASTY IBS! Jean
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Well now I'm confused...My Culturelle Lactobacillus GG is not refrigerated and according to the box it says to store in a cool dry place. Do not store above room temperature. I've also heard that it does not need refrigerated. Maybe mine is something different then what JeanG is talking about. I order it from CVS Drug Chain Web Site It is in individually wrapped foil. Hope this helps instead of confusing you even more.
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No, no! Culturelle is freeze-dried!There's a difference! Which means it does not need to be refrigerated! That's one of the blessings of it and why it can be used by travelers for "travelers diarrhea" the actual reason it was developed. It is almost alone among probiotics (except a Trader Joe brand of acidophilus --can't remember the name) which need not be refrigerated.You just keep it in the box in those little foil wrappers and take it when you need to. Jean, I just saw your response. I don't know that it can necessarily hurt to have kept it in the refrigerator -- don't know. I'd e-mail them and ask. I've always gotten a quick response within a day. [This message has been edited by Persistance (edited 12-29-1999).][This message has been edited by Persistance (edited 12-29-1999).]
You might be right Joe. I'll have to read my instructions again. I automatically put it in the fridge since it tends to get pretty warm in my apartment in the afternoons. My apartment faces west and I live near the ocean just outside of San Francisco in an older apartment that really doesn't have temperature control.I do know that if you check Culturelle's website they don't like to ship Thursday through the rest of the week because of possible temperature fluctuations in transit.Thanks for the info, Joe.
Jean------------------"Never let the fear of striking out get in your way." Babe Ruth. And I'm also Praying with Bettie for a cure for this NASTY IBS! Jean[This message has been edited by JeanG (edited 12-29-1999).]
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Thanks everyone. This is good info that I can use and I will try it. The website says it is available at CVS drugs which are in this area. Happy New Year everyone !------------------Speedy
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