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Hi Everyone, I am new and confused. I have pain,gas,bloating,light headed, and headaches. My doc sent me for a barium enema test which showed nothing wrong, but when I went back to the doc he said you must have IBS. I am not sure and how does he know this. My husband and I at this moment have the same symptoms. My husband says it is the stomach flu we have both had it for 1 week now. I am just so confused on how a doc can say because the test showed nothing that I have IBS. Are there foods that I should avoid, a special diet???? My doc told me I will find out what upsets my stomach by trial and error. The emergency doc put me on Antibiotics and Pariet the last time I had this which was about 2 months ago. Again, confused..flu or IBS? My doc is on holidays for the next 2 weeks so I can't go to him. Can anyone help, please!!!!!!!!!!! I feel so sick
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