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is no appetite normal even when IBS is not extreme /

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Since one week IBS hit me again. I don't have diarrhia or constipation but my stool is on the soft side, yellowish brown and and when I have a bm it's usually many small pieces of stool. It's not to the point that I can not do anything but it's an annoying discomfort in my tummy which ruines at least 30% of my day. Is it normal not to have any appetite even when your IBS is not extreme ? I also get depressed because of the quality of live thing with IBS. It fluctuates during the day. A few hours a day it's almost gone but than the discomfort starts again. Anybody has these appetite issues with IBS even when you don't have to lie down on the couch all day ?
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im similar but i think this is due to the nausea i suffer
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