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Is there fructose in Rice milk?

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I notice that when I eat jam, Rice milk, or cereal high in sugar, basically anything with a lot of sugar, I get a delayed bloating. I know fructose can be a problem, but I was told succrose, table sugar, is not the same.I am going nuts here, I went off and had Rice cream instead of Ice cream, and got bloated. I drink alcohol, and get bloated. Surely those two, Rice cream and alcohol, don't have fructose do they, I know they have sugar, so does this mean I can't take sugar?
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Sucrose is made up of fructose and glucose. In this form, fructose can be absorbed since fructose piggybacks on glucose during absorption.In normal circumstances in fructose malabsorbers the transporter wich takes fructose from the lumen of the gut into the body is missing. Sucrose malabsorption is rare. Doesn't mean you couldn't have it.Thirdly alcohol (wine) does contain fructose. Hard liquor without fruit juices and pop should be fine
I wonder why then I get excessive bloating from having Rice milk, Rice dream, and jam, all of which have sugar?Do you think a fructose breathe test is necessary?
Can you usually tolerate rice? Because even though rice is usually tolerated well by most, it could be a problem for some.
The small amount of fructose in jam shouldn't make you bloat up like you are pregnant. I suggest you try 4-5 glasses of tomato/fruit juice without sorbitol in them on top of a basic diet you know you can tolerate, perhaps plain broiled or baked chicken, for a few days and see if leads to blosating/ gas/ diarrhea to determine if you need a fructose test.
I can't tolerate Tomatoes, or only in moderation, and I have not drunk fruit juice in a long time.I have been on a very restrictive diet, and nothing has changed.Still bloated.I notice sugar, like in Jam, Rice dream, Alcohol, make me bloated.If it is not the fructose, what is it?Bonniei, if you have read my other posts, what am I to do at this stage?I am tired of being bloated, it is impairing me, making me tired and fatigued, and I have done so much with nothing to show for it.
I had watermelon and got more bloated, does that have fructose? Why can I not tolerate things that are sweet as well?
All veggies and fruits have fructose. Only in some fruits fructose may be blanced out by glucose so they may be less of a problem if some of the studies are to be believed. See the glucose and fructose content in fruits here don't know my dietician thought sucrose might be a problem for fructose malansorbers. However I don't have a problem with sucrose. Maybe you could try Zelnorm specially if you suffer from C. It is supposed to be good for bloating,
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