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Is there such a thing as pain-predominant constipation?

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I go through 5 hours of crippling pain every morning which slowly abates. This began in June & has worsened and worsened. Librax does not help so I don't bother.In the p.m., I frequently get pain after dinner & miralax.See Temple U gastro guy tomorrow. Should also add I am a hypochrondriac with severe anxiety problems and am bowel fixated.Is there any hope for me to at least lower this level of pain? Is it partly psychsomatic? Bowel movements do not relieve the pain and I have bowel pain that wakes me up. I have pelvic floor dysfunction but NOT colonic inertia.
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Pain is a major feature of IBS, so I do not know if they differentiate out how much pain you are in vs just calling it IBS-C. (if you were constipated without pain it wouldn't be IBS, but functional constipation or something like that...IBS is BOTH stool issues and pain...and you can have pain without stool issues as well).Usually for pain you are talking antidepressats, antispasmodics, or mind-body therapy types of things.I had mostly pain with some stool consistancy frequency issues (other way, but not bad enough that I would have seen the doctor...the unrelenting pain was another thing).Buspar helped the pain some (and may help you with anxiety) so it may be something to discuss. The biggest help for my pain was Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.K.
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