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First i'll give you a little background... about 4 years ago when my husband and i started dating I took a trip with a bunch of my friends to watch a concert. To make a long story short one of the males that was on the trip decided that he wanted a little more than what I was willing to give him no sense in going into to details on that... I never really told anyone what happened because I felt guilty etc... also one of his friends had threatend harm on my husband bf at the time so i did'nt even tell him what happened till about a year ago.... Anywaysit turns out that this guy is friends with one of the guys that my husband works for...I ended up having to tell my husband what really happend because I was scared that this guy would say something... or even yet lie and tell my husband that I wanted what happened to happen... anyways i told him he was mad but promised that he would never raise and issue with this guy. So here comes the question, my husband fixes some of his friends comps everyonec in awhile... so about 2 days ago he told me that on thursday he needed to fix one of the guys he works for friends comp. I thought nothing of it untill I asked him who's comp he was fixing and he would'nt give me a solid answer... anyways on wendsday night the guy called my house and I reconginized his name as the guy that had taken advantage of me 4 years ago. (call display is a great resource). I was waiting for my husband to truthfully tell me that that was where he was but he still has'nt... i feel lied to and almost betrayed by him...and scared because now this guy has my phone number... i'm not sure if this is a battle worth fighting what do i do?
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