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Hey people,

My quick history:

I am a male, 33, with a plant/fruits/eggs/grain based diet with occasional chicken. Slightly underweight, but very fit, healthy and active.

Suffered from hard stools all my life with a history of 2-3 anal fissures (so you can guess how it's been!)...

But yet, I DID go 2 times/day even if the stools were on the hard side.

However, for the last 10-11 months...

(Warning: Too much information starts here, you have been warned!)

1) Been having VERY soft, sloppy stools with no other trouble. I go around 1-2 (rarely 3) times/day. The stools are slightly sticky and sometimes float.

2) The color is ok (light to med brown), but the stools themselves are loose, barely formed and very soft.

3) Even if I go once in 24 hours, at least the 'start' of the BM should be slightly dry, right... but nope, it's wet and very soft and small...

4) My appetite is normal, I thought this could be some gluten intolerance, so went on a true GF diet for the last 10 days, but it changed NOTHING, in fact, I lost about 2-3lb, and I am already underweight! :(

So my 3 questions to you folks is:

1) Is this even IBS? I have no other symptom, no pain, gas, bloating, cramping, loss of appetite.

2) Or is this actually "normal"? And that my body is now slightly overcompensating by holding a bit more water? Should I be happy that my constipation days are over? :S

3) I did start working out 3 days/week at the same time, so is this because of that?


The only reason I am worried is because a sudden change in stools is not normal, right? Of course, I don't have anything else going on (tested for occult blood, none)...

Kindly let me know your thoughts, good people. :)

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Too much info on an IBS forum?
Not even close man. Welcome.

1.) I'm not a doctor (who you should be asking). It doesn't sound like it to me.

2.) If you're not straining or spending excessive time wiping, this sounds normal.

3.) For me, exercise does speed things up for many people (as does food containing caffeine).

Going gluten free will cause you to lose weight if you don't supplement the protein and nutrients you lose from eating gluten free food.
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