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This post may be TMI sorry for the potential crudeness.

I'm diagnosed with post-infectious IBS and been on medicine for close to a month now. It's helped but I'm never really consistant with my bowel movements. They're always changing no matter what food I intake.

I had two great bowl movements on Friday and then I ended up constipated throughout Saturday. This Sunday morning I went to the bathroom and I had a weird bowel movement. My stool was brown and I pooped a whole lot. It wasn't firm but not mushy either, it was almost in between and instead having sausage-like shape they were more like half sausage-like shapes. Is that normal or a sign that my digestive tract is getting better?

And how do you deal with incomplete evacuation feelings? Its irritating trying to go about your day when there's pressure on your rectum like you need to poop more when you don't.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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