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Is Your Doctor Intimidated?

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I have recently changed my doctor,same surgery so I've just switched to the doctor who looks after my wife and kids as he seems a better listener tries to work better with his patients.I recently went to see him as I'm fed up taking Loperamide by the handful to prevent me having to visit the toilet too many times a day. I only go 2-3 times a day but without loperamide it would be twice that but loperamide does nothing for bloating,unevacuation,bloatedness,gurgling,wind,cramps etc.But when I suggested trying some stronger medication and started talking about my IBS he seemed a bit intimidated that a patient was almost telling him what to do.I told him that antispasmodics do nothing for me and low and behold I get Alverine Citrate which I think is another antispasmodic and within a day it's bloating me and unsettling my digestive system.I don't even get constipated with codeine so I am looking for a medication,could be for another complaint,that pushes me closer to C.He said he will do some research for when I see him again in a couple of weeks but I don't think he'll come up with more than I've learnt on here.
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Have you tried any of the cholesterol lowering bile binding agents?
Some low dose antidepressants can ease bowel and pain problems in some people.
it's the god complex alot of drs get in med school.............i personally think they r spoon fed it.........there's that old joke about what's the difference between god & drs??...........god doesn't think he's a dr.............and being as they think of themselves as god, how could u possibly question them or maybe know more about ur body than they do.......find a dr who listens always........they r out there, only can b very hard to to the D, look at adrenal fatigue........adrenals control muscle contractions, dumping of water & sodium & handle stress........
Yes Kathleen I have tried Cholestyramine/Questran and it was useless.I heard my doctor talking about trying drugs that stop bodily secretions but he seemed reluctant to try them as I think that's what he wanted to research about before possibly prescribing any of them for IBS.I've also tried Amitriptyline and it had no effect on my bowel it just made me drowsy.
jmc why not look into Probiotitcs and/or Digestive Enzymes.. Sometimes people report they help with bloating and other symptoms.
Amitriptyline is known to make you drowsy,so usually prescribed to take at bedtime,it did not help me either,i tried it for pain.There are others that you could maybe try at a low dose.
BQ,I can generally cope with all the symptoms apart from the excessive BMs.Also I dont have the income to try all kinds of probiotics and such but I'm sure there is a drug out there to help ease my symptoms as I do realise that there is no actual cure at the moment.All I'm asking my doctor is to help me explore all the medication options,even the ones that involve thinking outside the box.
JMC-i have similar symptoms-taking 12 imodium at the moment. The thing I have found most useful is permatrol. I didn't expect anything but it has changed things for the better. I also take calcium, buscopan and seroxat. Permatrol has made a big difference-it is for leaky gut and if its going to work you'll probably know within 48hrs so might be worth a try. Haven't bothered to tell my GI specialist that I'm taking it (or calcium) because she just wouldn't understand....too orthodox. I was probably too orthodox too for too many years.
Have you tried Lomotil? I was eating immodium like candy to and finally got a prescription for lomotil and I take 2 a day and its works great for me. I get the generic and its only 8.00.
Tried Lomotil and felt great for 48 hours and then they became absolutely useless.Gave it a couple of weeks and tried them again and they had no effect whatsover that time so no good unfortunately.I have read up on Donnapine,has anybody any experience with that?I'm sure it's called different names as well as Donnapine.
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