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Its' endo, thanks for your help...

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I haven't posted in awhile due to ongoing health issues. I just wanted to let you guys know i haved missed you all very much. I hope everyone has been doing well. I am in bed and recovering from surgery right now. My doctor has confirmed that I have endometriosis. I wanted to thank evryone who helped me out with information. I am getting tired so I am gonna go back to bed. Thanks again.
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Good to hear from you. Was your operation for the endo?We all hope you feel well soon!
Zenovia ,Glad you found an answer!! It takes years to get a clear dx of endo (It took me ten years!). You will feel so much better now. yea.
linesse, yes, I had a laproscopy (sp?) and my doc lasred off some adhesions. thank you!JenS, Thanks, I am still sorting through the info, but I believe I have had endo since my teens which would make it tens years for me since I have been going to the doctor about all of this. I just can't begin to understand why it takes so long to diagnose as this monster as it rips through your body. I am going to have a new soap box, can you tell?
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