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Its hard to figure

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Wow--it's only been 3 months for me but what an unbelievable roller coaster. Looking for some input on the following--How have people done with fiber supplements (I have been doing them pretty regularly for about 6 weeks now--it seems to help with BM but not sure if it is contributing to cramping) about dairy (yogurt for good bacteria) and bread (sourdough as Heather suggests). I have had some relief (earlier on) but now feel miserable most of the time. Any comments would be greatly appreciated Dawng (I am so glad you are all there)
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Dawng, Have you tried eliminating both diary and wheat / gluten (including oats and rye) totally for 2 weeks and see whether this brings about any improvement?You need to be really strict for it to be a proper test of your sensitivity to these things. Happy for you to contact me directly if you want some advice or encouragement. As you have seen from my post in this area, what I have done this year has totally turned my life around, and before that I was as miserable and in pain as one can getStay focussed and positive, you can beat it!Kes
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