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Just a couple of things I want to share with you allFirstly this week, somebody advised me to start eating more fibre, now I have been vegetarian etc for years, and now eat meat but always thought i had a healthy all round diet, never thought i would be lacking in fibre.However i was desperate (as you are) so chose to try it, i got some pylisium (spelling?) husks from my local wholefood store, cost around 3 euros (4 dollars), enough to last about 3 weeks.I started adding about a desertspoon full to a pot of yogurt, stirring in, and eating straightaway, its not unpleasant.This had dramatic improvements to my ibs - D.straightway i was down to one bowel movement per day (instead of 3 - within a couple of hours every morning, plus cramps etc), motion was far more solid, and no cramps.wind, and bowel sounds are better too.I still seem to have the reflux and burbing hasn't done much for that, but the D fixed immediately.I just wanted to pass this on in case it of use to anyone, its cheap and painless, and cannot do much harm if it does no goodcheerssarah
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