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It's me again, with another symptom

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Hi Heather,I did get your book over the weekend...the 100 days one. I'm about half way through a critique, I'd say it's about half new info and half info I already new based on having this "syndrome" for 10 years already. My main symptoms over the past few weeks have been bloating and intense muscle spasms. After switching to only white rice for about a week, the spasms have subsided and my stomach isn't quite as huge as it was. So what do most people do when they feel better? EAT!!! I have tried to limit my intake to things I know shouldn't make my symtoms worse...rice krispies with soy milk, fresh sour dough bread, free range Non-antibiotic raised chicken, peppermint tea out the yingyang. I have had a few lapses in judgement...both in the form of Nestles Caramel Crunch bars, which are like Crack Cocaine! I had one after eatting soluable worries. Then I did something stupid and had one on an empty stomach. BIG mistake...I guess I was testing you theory. You were right, oh blessed guru of intestinal fortitude!
Ok, back to the latest symptom...nausea. This started up last night rather unexplicably. I had a chicken sami with sourdough, sea salt, and a hint(and I mean a smidge) of mayonaise. With this meal I also thought I would start taking probiotics again. I got some chewable Multidopholous by Sunray, the refrigerated kind. And now, nausea. I feel like I have a bubble of gas at the top of my stomach just below the sternum. When I had my other bad bout with IBS back in October I had this feeling for about 2 months straight. I never vomited, just felt like it all the time. So, I guess I'll now take a step back and do straight rice again, keep drinking peppermint tea, and praying. Any other suggestions?
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Ginger! It's one of the very best things for nausea. You can get ginger tea (Ginger Aid is a good brand, very strong) or you can buy crystallized ginger and eat it. It's delicious. This should help lots.Best,Heather
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