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Hi, I just wanted to post a note letting everyone know how i've been managing this awful problem. It might be a bit long, but bear with me, maybe it will help you too.1) I have started acupuncture once a week.2) I am on a low fat diet3) I take the following every morning:Culturelle: 1 capsuleargenine: 1000mg (freeform aminoacid)alfalfa: 2 x 860mgflax oil: 2000mgvit B complexvit b12: 1000mcgLGlutamine: 1000mgMultivitamina mouthful of AloeVera juice each morning and when I go to bed.the acupuncturist has given me chinese herbs for spastic colitis, I drink 1/2 cup of hot tea (made of the herbs) after each meal.I have COMPLETELY STOPPED taking ZOCOR and all other cholestorol reducing medications - I really think this is what brought my IBS on in the first place.I eat little and often and keep from getting dehydrated.I exercise for an hour each day (mountain bike) around 3.30 in the afternoon.that's it, sorry to take up so much room, but I have found what works for me, I hope it works for you too.
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