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Surprise me again. Don't worry once I get everything figured out I won't have so many questions because I know how busy you are. I am wondering if you have heard if dried seaweed (salty) is o.k. I eat it with my rice alot and am wondering. Are all types of Tofu o.k? There are millions here although I know that deep fried tofu is bad. Darn! Do you know anything about various soy sauces? There are so many kinds here but I cannot read the labels (I can't wait until I learn to read here!! I have heard that some soy sauces contain wheat? These questions may be difficult to answer so I understand if you are not able to because you are not living in Japan. Your books have truly helped me soooo much and if I didn't have them I don't know what I would do here (starve). I only have a little toaster oven here and a micro so it is difficult to cook. I have managed however to make your banana bread and sunshine bread (cut recipe in half). I know that when I return to Canada it will be a lot easier but I will always thank you for your help getting me through this. Not only do I have to deal with culture shock but this makes it such much more difficult when it comes to eating.Oh, I am able to purchase Metamucil through the foreign buyers club but none of the other fiber supplements you mentioned. On a daily basis at the moment I am taking enzymes and flora tablets (from Japanese doc), cranberry vit and acidophilus. I am usually reg with one BM in the a.m but it falls apart in the toilet and sometimes contains pink pieces (which I have been told is undigested food). Would Metamucil be a good idea to bulk things up? I was also wondering what you take on a daily basis (vit, med)? If you don't mind me asking. It is so difficult to know what to do. I have calcium citrate capsules with vit D but I stopped taking them because under non-medicinal ingred it says vegetable grade magnesium stearate (lubricant). I wasn't sure if that magnesium is safe?One last question, birth control pills contain some dairy in inert ingredients, it would be a really small amount but do you think it matters?Wow, finally done. Once again you are a live saver to so many people so thank you for sharing your life experiences with us!
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