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Hi - Wow, lots of questions. In turn:Tofu is fine, but not deep friedSoy sauce is fine - doesn't matter if it's brewed with wheat as well as soy, it's the insoluble fiber from bran in whole wheat that can trigger IBS. There's no fiber at all in soy sauce.Seaweed should be fine, but treat it like a veggie and eat it with rice.Metamucil should really help you. It's more likely to cause bloating than other fiber supplements (like Citrucel, Fibercon, Benefiber) but probably the only soluble fiber supplement you can get in Japan. Work up to 2T taken twice daily. There's detailed info about soluble fiber supplements here web page Birth control pills can contain lactose, and if you're very sensitive to this it can bother you. There are brands that are lactose free - ask your doctor.Best,Heather
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