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job loss

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I have read many posts from people here that have job problems becasue of IBS. For the last 13 years I have been a school bus driver. I think I lasted so long because the working day is broken up into two segments. Thus I only need to be at work for about 2 to 3 hours at a time. I have a 4 1/2 hour break bewteen the two working segments. I also get a lot of time off for school vactions. I started a new full time job a few weeks ago, driving a bookmobile for the local library. Last Wendsday I got sick at work and havn't felt well since. It was a classic IBS-D full blown attack, the worst for many years. Lucky for me I still had some Bentyl (which I never take for fear of making me C, for I am mostly C). I had this attack even though I ate no trigger foods and nothing while at work. Maby the stress got to me. Well I feel realy bad because now I am seriously thinking about going back to school bus driving. I feel like a real loser. I have made a real mess of my working life now. I will lose my health insurance too. I really thought I could make it at the new job but I have serious doubts now. my stupid stomach! I wish I was normal. I could use some support. Yours Susan
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Susan - why not give the bookmobile job a little longer and see? You might have had a touch of flu and your bowel problem had nothing to do with the new job.
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Not only that, but starting a new job ranks really high under things that stress people out! Give it a few more weeks, please. It may be that things will quiet down to your usual self after you've settled in to your new job.If not, and you still have trouble, you will be able to tell yourself you gave it an honest, full try.------------------RhetanaIBS D
Yes, give it more time! Starting a new job is stressful, and the way you are talking about it, you are at risk for "talking yourself into" being sick. You also said you didn't eat while at work... that could be a problem too. The excess acid in your stomach could have been a trigger. If you have any safe foods, eat only them for the next few days at work and see how it goes. I'm confident that if you could handle the stress of bus driving, you will adjust to this new job within a few weeks and be fine!!
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