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Flax,Effexor XR is a time-released capsule form SSRI antidepressant. I take 75mg every night before I go to bed.I've suffered with IBS D for over 14 years. Last year (Apr & May 99) it got so bad that I lost 35 lbs and later went into depression. I had some blood work and GI tests done to rule out anything more serious. Everything turned out negative,however I was still having problems. Finally in June 99 I called the doctor and begged him for medication. He prescribed me the Effexor. To make a long story short,I'm no longer depressed,gained my weight back and my IBS D along with the pains that follow are under control so long as I stay on the med. I'm also taking 600mg of Caltrate Plus w/minerals for the D. All is not perfect,but I'm doing much better now than I was before the meds. There are also other antidepressants available such as: Paxil,Zoloft,Welbutrin, Buspar, Remeron to name a few. I was lucky the very first time the Effexor worked for me. My doctor told me in March that his IBS patients have had success with Effexor. I hope that answers your question.I'm sure others here confuse you with Flux. I'm sure if you asked Flux about Effexor he can give you a detailed scientific response. Make sure you keep a dictionary handy! He indeed has all the answers. Take care!------------------Regards John.Visit

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Dear John 754 - If someone would tell me how to change my User name,... believe me, I would!!!Thank you so much for your info - you sound as if you've been through the mill in spades but I'm very glad you don't have more serious problems, albeit, IBS is serious enough. I've printed out your message and will take it Monday to my "shrink-pharmacologist" and see what he says.Again - thank you for your response and be well!Flax (blonde hair brought me to this) - not Flux!
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