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Joke: Vinvent Van Gogh's Relatives

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Just a silly funny to share! KarenSome of Vincent Van Gogh's many relatives.> > > > > The brother who ate prunes> Gotta Gogh> > The constipated uncle> Cant Gogh> > His obnoxious brother> Please Gogh> > His dizzy aunt> Verti GoghThe brother who worked at a convenience store> Stopn Gogh> > The grandfather from Yugoslavia> U Gogh> > The brother who bleached his clothes white> Hue Gogh> > The cousin from Illinois> Chica Gogh> > The cousin who wasn't allowed to leave> the country:> M. Barr Gogh> > His magician uncle> Wheredid D. Gogh> > His Mexican cousin> Ahmee Gogh> > The Mexican cousin's anglo half brother> Grin Gogh> > The nephew who drove a stagecoach> Wellsfar Gogh> > The ballroom dancing aunt> Tan Gogh> > A sister who loved disco> Go Gogh> > The bird lover uncle> Flamin Gogh> > His nephew psychoanalyst> E. Gogh> > The fruit loving cousin> Man Gogh> > An aunt who taught positive thinking> Wayto Gogh> > The little bouncy nephew> Poh Gogh> > And his niece who travels the country in a van> Winnie Bay Gogh> > And so it goghs...
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I rather liked it myself. Thanks for the humor karenr. ------------------
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