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Just had a bad attack (middle of the night)

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Hi everyone, I've just come online because I've just had a bad attack and it's 2.30am here in the UK. Before I went to bed I had a dodgy tummy. It felt like 2 people were pulling each end of my tummy. i have constant pain, but this felt really upset. i just woke up and had it again and rushed to the loo where i had sludgy stuff (i take fybogel which may be why it wasnt watery etc) and started sweating REALLY badly, ears ringing and thought i was going to pass out. i've had something similar before but never in the middle of the night. i did controlled breathing tho and a cold flannel on my bed until it passed. today was the 2nd day i took my yasmin birth control pill. ive been on this pill before with no trouble but had stopped taking it for about 8 weeks. anyone know if this could have triggered the attack?I'm still shaking and feeling awful so i'll end the post here. ive just taken a lopermide tablet and 2 paracetomol (with asprin in).
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:love: Hugggggssssss I thought you needed a little hug. I had a night like that Saturday night. Eneded up just saying to heck with sleep and got up at one a.m. It was useless to try to sleep. I am thinking good thoughts for you, sweety. Hang in there and keep in mind that someone cares.Valerie
hi thanks so much for your reply. im sat here online because i just cant be bothered to go to bed until i know i wont have to get up again. have u ever had an attack like the one i described? was going to go to the doc tomorrow to gte some more ofthe birth control pill but no need now. im not taking another pill again
Hi again Vicky,I have attacks all the time like you deescribed... but I am not on the pill. I stopped taking the pill after I got cervical cancer. I had my tubes tied last May, and I'll tell you... after the surgery my attacks are worse than ever. Like I said in my previous post... Saturday night I gave up sleeping because every time I'd start to fall back asleep... I'd just have to jump out of bed and dash to the restroom. I am on Donnatel... as needed. My doctor referred me to an associate of his that is intensly studying IBS. I see him along with a phychiatrist tomorrow. My doctor told me I am to see them monthly. They are apparently going to try and make my IBS-D something I can live with comfortably. They sent me a bunch of paperwork to fill out... questionaires regarding anxiety and depression as well as journals regarding what I eat and my symptoms everyday... by the hour. If I learn anything really useful tomorrow, I'll let you know. Until then I'll keep you in my thoughts. Hang in there Sweety!Valerie
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thanks VJD. hope it went ok today. i was awake until 6.30am making sure i didnt have to go again. it was so scary. im sure i would have passed out if i hadnt had done the controlled breathing. i dont know what could have provoked it though.
Hey there, hope you are feeling better now!I was on Yasmin as well, and had to ask the doc to give me another. I had been with dianette for a long time, and was really happy with it. For some reason another doc was giving me a check up and he had some time on his hands and so for the first time ever actually asked me if I was ok, and if there was anything else I wanted to talk about, (I was like yeah the awful service I usually get from docs!!) but he then decided that I had been on that pill for long enough and that I should change to Yasmin, I was like whatever, fine. I was on Yasmin for the initail trial 3 months, and during this time, had an awful holiday as I had break-through bleeding throughout, and my IBS was the worst it had been for ages, I don't know if there is a connection, but as soon as I changed (TO ANOTHER PILL) I was cool, no probs!
Vicky...I hope you are doing a bit better. I guess it went well for me. It turns out it is an "IBS Group" consisting of myself and another woman. It is run by the two doctors I mentioned, a G.I. and a psychologist. They want me to attend weekly... every Tuesday afternoon. For starters, I am to eliminate my one cup of coffee I have every morning. I had already eliminated all other sources of caffeine. I have already swsitched to soy milk, as I am a big milk lover, so they want me to use soy cheese as well. I am also to walk 30 minutes a day 5 days a week, along with the pilates I am already doing. I have a private appointment with the psychologist on September 9, she determined from my answers on the paperwork that my anxiety and stress issues need to be addressed. She seems very knowledgable on the "mind-gut connection." The doctor told me that for the chronic D, that he wants me to try and get 20 to 30 grams of fiber daily. He said it is better to get fiber from unprocessed foods rather than from Citrucel, Metimucil (sp) etc. He is leaving my medication alone for now. I am on Donnatel, to be taken as needed and it does help when my pain is severe. So, all in all it went well, although the diet changes are things I have tried in the past (with the exception of the cheese )
with no luck, but I am up for trying it again.Sorry for rambling, but I wanted to share. They gave me several pieces of literature, and if I read anything in them that sounds useful, I will share the info with you if you like.Try to have a better day!Hugs....Valerie
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hi there, i used to be on dianette too but changed to yasmin because i was shedding a lot of hair. it was growing back 5 times as fast but it was horrible to have so much come out when i brushed it. a few months later the ibs symptoms started out of the blue. my specialist advised me to stop the pill about 6-8 weeks ago so i did and found no difference. i started taking it again the other night and after taking the 2nd days pill.....attack! needless to say i havent bothered taking it again.
hope ur ok mate, i have disruptive sleep due to attacks but never as bad as were u during the day before the attack? because if i find i go less throughout the day then i have more frequent bad attacks during the night, which i blame on a build up of BM?!hope u dnt suffer frm this again?by the way im frm Birmingham too
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