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Just have a few ?'s.

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Hey guys, I've been to the doc. and he told me that he believes I have IBS and I was just wondering if IBS can cause you to have anxiety and panic attacks? I think Ibs is the cause for it because about 2 1/2 yrs. ago I started having really bad attacks and the runs came along with it. Now I have noticed that if I eat certain things I feel really swollen and I have terrible gas. I also have an urgency to go to the bathroom 1st thing in the morning. i may have more ?'s later but for now that's all I can think of.thanks
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Hi Raymond,I don't know that one causes the other but they often do co-exsist. It is possible to have one or the other or both.I'm one of the lucky people who has both.
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Some people do seem to get anxiety and panic attacks because of IBS symptoms (and since anxiety and panic can trigger IBS symptoms you can get into a vicious cycle when both are going one)Urgency in the morning is common because that is when the colon is normally at it's most active.Some foods do generate more gas when they reach the bacteria in the colon. Usually it depends on which type of carbohydrates they have in them.Probiotic supplements can help with the gas thing because these bacteria by definition do not produce gases when they digest carbs.K.
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