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Just need to Vent

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I've been doing really well on my diet. I've been exercising regularly and really feeling like I've got my IBS-D under control. Then the PMS starts and screws it all up. UUUGGG!!!!! My period's due tomorrow and I've already been to the bathroom three times today. I'm also pissed because I wish I could go away and travel somewhere for March Break but I can't because I'm too chicken and panicky to try. Oh well. Spring is on the way. Thanks for listening.
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HiYou're kicking butt on your diet and exercise - great job! IBS has stopped many of my plans but it sounds like you're determined not to let it beat you.Vent away...that's why we're here!Karen
lisa,i feel your pain!! that is so aggravating. it does suck when ibs messes up your plans, but there is not a lot we can do about it. i hope you can get your gut back under control quickly after the week is over. periods are the worst!!
~mrs. mason also on my period, and pissed!!
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