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Just to give hope

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I'm certain no one here will remember me - I haven't posted in probably over a year now. I found this board like many of you when I was in the midst of wondering what was happening to my body prior to diagnosis. Knowing there were others going through the same thing helped me immensely. I'm writing now because I know how utterly depressed I became as a result of the IBS. If I hadn't had a small child to care for, I probably would've been suicidal. That isn't an exaggeration, I'm afraid.But, strangely enough, my IBS symptoms seem to have been alleviated. I can't tell you anything I did differently, other than I moved. The last bad episode was on moving day at the end of May. I've had a couple of slight problems since then, but nothing like the nightmare I'd been living. It's a complete mystery and I go back and forth between dying to know what changed things and thinking, I'm just glad it's stopped.I'm sorry I can't tell you guys anything specific that I changed, but I did want to say to not give up hope. I don't know that I'll stay ok, but I now have the hope that I might get better - and I didn't really have that before. My desire is that this will give someone out there some hope as well.Regards,Michelle G
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Michelle,Great to hear you're doing so well!
Thought I should bump this up for others on the board to read and perhaps draw some inspiration.
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