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Just wanting to share

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Well, pretty much every afternoon (after lunch) I have terrible gas, bloating and pain. This wasn't too big a deal because I was only working until 11:30, but it is time to find some full time work and I have an interview tomorrow. So, without going without lunch tomorrow, what might be something safe to eat?? I guess this is a silly question because it seems regardless of what I do or eat at lunch, I am always miserable within hours. Breakfast I don't have a problem with. I eat my old fashioned oats and visit the restroom and I am done until lunch. I just feel so lonely in all this... so much pain and isolation. I'm really worried that I am not going to be able to hang with full time employment and I feel like such a baby.
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Have you kept a food diary to see what your trigger foods are? Once you figure what kinda foods are not for you, then the others (which cause no problems) is what you should eat. I can only eat pasta or turkey/chicken sandwhiches at work. If I have something else I get that bloated gassy pain. Since IBS is a disfunction..its all up to your body to deciede what is best.
I did keep a log for many, many weeks and did determine a few triggers; however, the way I seem to work is a food can be fine one day, but not the next day. Sometimes I think my anxiety, mood, etc., must play a part, too. Some days I could eat and drink nothing but a cracker and water and get some nasty reactions... so far so good this afternoon though. My interview is at 4:00 so if I can just not let my mind trigger my gut as far as nerves, then I will be OK. Seems the bloat and gas didn't start up at its usual time today so maybe I'll get a reprieve.
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