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I received the KE-99 LACTO capsules containing lactobacillus casei strains yesterday.I have been having massive IBS-Constipation for the last 6 yrs. Did gastroscopy, colonoscopy x-rays, u/s to exclude any other condition, also had some stool culture several times in the past.My initial treatment consisted of Alimix tablets, which was an intestina motility drug (worked for 1-2 weeks then stopped and used to give me a headache)Then i went onto osmotic laxatives and Importal, which caused me diarrhoea and extreme flatulence and gas. It was a bit better when i consumed it along with some high fiber cereal.Suddenly one day i tried agiolax, which is a mixture of fiber and senna. Since that day my life changed dramatically. I started going back to school, got a full time job, and picked up sports again.Only drawback is i had take one spoonfull of those agiolax seeds at night just after a good meal and before i went to bed.I swear i had some total colon cleansing episodes for yrs now using this thing.No side effects till today.Recently, 2-3 months ago i realised that it was very hard for me to visit the WC and defaecate when other people where in the house or when someone was close to the wc and making some kind of noise or making himself present in some way. Just the sensation that i wasnt alone and calm messed my intestinal motility completely.Above that i decided to take an extra step in sports and engage in an everyday basketball training session, which requires a very good condition of my colon. Till now i was doing allright most of the days, but not all, i still had some days in a week i didnt feel completely empty.Thus i decided to look deep into my problem once again to see if i could add something onto my diet to allieviate my condition or see if anything new is out in the market.I run across several products. Colon cleansers, Digestrin(looks very promising), IBS KIT, FiberMax Powder, FloraMax, zymeMax and some more less intriguing. and several more.I basicly ordered ALL of them to see by trial and error what works.One of them is this probiotic KE-99 LACTO capsule.I took 2 capsules yesterday after a meal. All day long i felt as if i was bloating inside or as if some type of massive yeast production was taking place. In the evening at basketball practice i couldnt even move. It was like a balloon inside of me. All night long i kept waking up and feeling my massive belly, i mean it was great before but this thing is like something extraordinary.Today after i had an pretty average to bad bowel movement, it took just a few minutes for my abdomen to feel ballooned again.I dont know why these people suggest this product is for constipation. I feel no gas, no motility nothing. IS it supposed to work on the long run? Like after a week two or a month of taking it?? And what am i supposed to do in the meantime?? Just sit home and wait for my belly to relax?? (which it doesnt seem to do anyways).I remember this agiolax seeds i took worked overnight thats why i stuck with them for 6 yrs now.Problem is i really wanna be completely healed(if it will be ever possible) or at least have normal great and allieviating bowel on a regular basis. Thats why i decided to spent time money and effort to try anything that may help.Anyone that has tried probiotics KE-99 LACTO, pls explain me why does this happen?? Why does it feel so bad, and how can they help with constipation when i dont feel any motility and no gas but just abdominal distension?? Is there supposed to be some time frame for my intestines to adapt to that l.casei strain and promote bowel movement??In their site they say that these KE-99 lacto capsules help against constipation but further down they say its the best against diarrhoea.. How can this be?? The same capsule both for constipation and diarrhoea??Last but not least?? Can intestinal spasms cause constipation or incomplete daefacation?? I was prescribed with this drug called Doralin (spasmolytic) to fight the spasms. Or will it slow down my intestines to a point where i will be constipated again to the max??Has any one tried Digestrin or any of the other products i mentioned before??PLS help me out, and give Agiolax a chance it might work for some of you.I can barely breathe at this point from the distension...............
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