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Lack of sleep

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Hello,Since I've had IBS, I've been having little if any sleep compared to when I didn't have IBS. I tend to wake up in the middle of the night, tossing and turning. I try and get a good 8 hours sleep, but I only get around 5. Can this affect IBS and make it worse? If so, can anyone recommend any tips/remedies to get a good nights sleep?Thanks, James.
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A lot of IBSers report poor sleep, and any physical stress like lack of sleep can make IBS worse.General sleep hygiene tips can be found here. It has most of them.One I would add is turn off over head lights and just use a lamp for that last hour or so before bed. The more you signal your body that it is still daytime with bright artificial light the less likely it will get ready to go to sleep.
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