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If we've going to drop it in Jean-pierre's lap (which does seem the appropriate lap at this point to me), let's also try to alert the media to what we are dong.tom----- Original Message ----- From: <>To: <>Sent: Monday, March 12, 2001 4:40 PMSubject: [lotronex] LAG MAILING REQUEST> > > Dear Members:> > It has come to my attention that given the intricate and sensitive circumstances> surrounding Lotronex, that it would be beneficial at this stage to write the CEO> of GlaxoSmithKline to demonstate directly to him the need for the medicine.> Given the fact that GSK does not have to sell the medicine at all and would be> taking great risk in re-selling it due to the number of lawsuits going on, we> need to make it clear that this is not just a money issue (ie.. corporate> profits).> > Since we have not been able to speak directly to a decision maker in GSK, it is> time to go directly to the top. The CEO is Jean-Pierre Garnier.> > Address:> GlaxoSmithKline> GlaxoWellcome UK Ltd.,> Stockley Park West> UXBridge> Middlesex, UB11 1BT> > Fax (020) 8990-4321> > Please write him a letter (fax if possible) explaining your personal story and> the need for the medicine. It is my feeling we need to plead for his sympathy> on the issue (as tired as I am of pleading with people) and to show him we have> no other alternative if they choose not to sell the medicine.> > The LAG will be writing an official letter on behalf of the group, however, we> have been most affective in reaching people when we mass mail (or email) them.> > Thank you for your help.> > Corey Miller, Coordinator> Lotronex Action Group> > > > > ------------------------ Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ---------------------~-~>> Make good on the promise you made at graduation to keep> in touch. has over 14 million registered> high school alumni--chances are you'll find your friends!> > --------------------------------------------------------------------
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So are we finally cutting to the chase? Has Lotronex's reputation been tainted so much that even GSK feels its a liability? The FDA's now willing to let Lotronex be available in some form?But GSK already up to their ears in lawsuits?This is what happens when lawyers call the shots.The REAL PROBLEM is that in this environment no other drugs which work in the same manner of Lotronex will be sponsored by drug companies. This will utterly destroy all the research into this type of therapy for IBS. This is the worst case scenario...the drug companies are afraid to proceed because of the organization of lawyers.The, obviously, and GSK.The winners...the lawyers.UNBELIEVEABLE...!!!!
I'm STILL waiting for SOMEBODY to figure how to pursue a class action suit on behalf of all of us who are victims of the WITHDRAWAL of Lotronex!Verna Eileen Radcliffe (still tryin' to hang in there)[This message has been edited by VernaEileenR (edited 03-13-2001).]
A better address for getting mail to Jean-Pierre is:GlaxoSmithKlineJean-Pierre Garnier1 Franklin PlazaP.O. Box 7929Philadelphia, PA 19101This is where his primary office is located. Please write him to let him know how much Lotronex has helped you and what your feelings are about its withdrawal.Thanks .... Bud
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