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Lansoprazole – Miracle cure for me

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For more than 20 years I had regular episodes of diarrhoea often with stomach cramps. These were usually triggered by (often slight) changes in routine – either activity or food. I also had frequent indigestion. Diarrhoea was stopped with Immodium (usually 3 - 5 tablets over a few hours) but that sometimes caused constipation.

Three years ago I had a heart attack and was put on Lansoprazole (30mg) to reduce stomach acid as I have to take daily Aspirin – this is routine I believe.

Since starting Lansoprazole I have had no further IBS episodes and greatly reduced indigestion. A huge change. I assume that this and not any of the other heart related drugs that I take are responsible.

I’ve looked extensively online and there is reference to proton pump inhibitor (PPI) drugs such as Lansoprazole alleviating IBS (more so indigestion) but it doesn’t seem to be that well known. I therefore assume that for most people it wouldn’t be effective but wanted to share my experience in case it might be of help to others.
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Thank you for posting this. Good information for a newbie who is devastated with this news. Like you, if I take an Imodium, I'm constipated for days, so an alternative solution is welcome. Will speak to my Gastro about it. THANK YOU for being here.
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