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Hey all I gave Valerian root a try for my D and here is my experience with it to date. I used it on 2 occasions at night.On night one I took it after a pretty bad attack of mushy malabsorbed stool. I took 6 pills of the Valerian Root from Nature's Way and had 2 pretty solid, although slightly mushy bowel movements the next day. I wasn't debilitated at all. Day two had similar effects but then wore off and it became unmanagable again.So I'd give it a 5/10. It seems to have some effect on putting a dent in the condition and maybe it will work better for some one else.I took bentyl 20mg 3x a day for 4 days. It worked fine at first, then the same old symptoms return. I give it a 5/10 also. Didn't seem to help.Imodium seems to be the best that works for me but my resistance is starting to go through the roof with it. I'm going to try my experiment to see if going on 100 percent of my dose of the drug Anafranil that I was on (some times used to treat IBS-D) before my bowel problems began first. So I'll give more updates if I go along. My theory that I developed along with a friend who was a PHD at UB's nueroscience program was that the drug caused some sort of dependency issue because it was anticholinergic and mildly antiserotonerigic and my body stopped regulating its bowels the way it used to or the drug created a problem where it changed its makeup so that in its absence I got the malaborbtive diarrhea (he thinks the C I had briefly was my body's attempt to stop the malabsorption in its tracks). I still recommend people try passionflower as well. I think that it is second to imodium in quality. The only difference is that it also takes time to move in.If my anafranil experiment does not work I plan on try resveratrol or provex CV. I'll keep everyone updated as I continue to try more things.PS A while back I did try using calcium pills and had constipation. If people have trouble with constipation from the pills I would recommend trying a glass or two of metamucil at night to loosen it up.
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