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There is nothing magic about limiting carbs that causes weight loss. It is that most people on a low carb diet tend to eat fewer calories. There is some initial water weight loss from the depletion of glycogen but as soon as you eat a carb you replenish both they glycogen and the water that hangs on to it.There are certain carbs that are more of a problem than others, and most people will be able to find what amount they can eat without causing too much gas.Table sugar and glucose tend to not be in the gas causing carb pile.The main problems are the carbs we do not digest (so actually eat the carbs that the low carb diets tell you not to and you should be better off, as they rapidly go into the blood as glucose and therefore do not make it to the colon to be digested by bacteria).Of the startches rice is an example of this. It it has comparativiely little resistant starch (starch we do not digest but the bacteria do) this is why of the starches it tends to have a high glycemic index number and is a big no-no on low carb diets. But it usually is better tolerated than other starches.Besides resistant starches the things you have to watch for are High fructose corn syrup (fructose is best absorbed when balanced with glucose like it is in table sugar) most of the "low net carb" processed foods are a big no-no because they use sorbitol which doesn't effect blood sugar because a lot of it gets to the colon. Also any of the other -itols (sugar alcohols) that they use.Raffinose is in beans and cabbage and can be a problem.Usually people find reducing the starches can help.There is another tactic if you are concerned that you will lose weight (and like I said you just gotta find the foods you can eat where you get enough calories a day without feeling like you are stuffing yourself silly) are probiotic bacteria.These are so called "friendly" bacteria that by definition do not produce gas from the digestion of carbs.K.
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