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Hi everyone,I am a new member, but have been reading this forum on and off for a few years. I have leaky gas, like many of you, and, as you, I've tried many, many things and I think I've found out a few things that I'd like to share. Maybe it can help some of you? Plus, I would like to have your input on something.I have a long history, but will make it very brief. I've been lactose-intolerant for 11 years, but was diagnosed with it only a year ago. I did not have the typical symptoms for lactose-intolerance, but instead had loose, difficult-passing bowel movements, and, of course, a lot of gas. After I avoided all lactose, I still had leaky gas and couldn't get rid of it until recently. Now I still have gas, and too much of it, but not leaky. The secret really was that I tried hydrochloric acid pills with pepsin and ox bile, and, after a couple of days not working, all of a sudden, it worked and helped me a lot. However, I still have a problem with it, namely that after two hours of eating I break a sweat and feel overheated. I think that it's an allergic reaction. Also, my doctor told me to do a test with red beets for HCL insufficiency, and the test indicated that I do NOT need the HCL. Therefore, I now started to use enzymes, which also keep the leaky gas away, but give me flatulence. Since my objective is to heal my body, I would like to know if any of you have tried or want to try the hydrochloric acid, and if you've also experienced the sweat and overheating after 2 hours of eating. I've seen that many of you have been suffering, and I think you should all get tested for lactose intolerance. The home testing method of avoiding lactose for 2 weeks doesn't work for us with leaky gas. There are tests done by doctors. Search the Internet. I've done mine in Austria, but, having lived in the U.S., know that they exist in the U.S. as well. Plus, I also did a CDSA, and know that I have dysbiosis. I also have a spastic colon; I've seen it during a barium enema. For these reasons I've been taking probiotic bacteria for maybe 6 months. I've seen that some of you have tested various probiotics. I think that, in order to rebuild a healthy immune systeme and get rid of dysbiosis, we need at least lactobacillus bacteria and bifido bacteria (for the colon). I also make my own jogurt at home, in addition to the probiotics. I make it in a jogurt maker for a minimum of 24 hours in order to get rid of the lactose. It took me a while, but now I can tolerate maybe 1/2 to 1 cup each day. And I know for sure that it has no lactose left. I am very sensitive to it. I've gone from eating almost nothing to eating better, including whole wheat bread, potatoes, carrotts, chicken and meat. What is also helping me is to juice my own fruits and vegetables, and after a couple of weeks of juicing I can already juice oranges (which I haven't been able to drink for many years). Please let me know if you are on a similar rebuilding program, and if any of you have been able to minimize/get rid of leaky gas. Let's exchange experiences. Maybe we can learn from each other.By the way: the other day I read that some of you were thinking of treating the LG with incontingence training, and I've also done that last year. Unfortunately, it hasn't helped.My new approach is not to dig into WHYYYY I have this, but use a general method to rebuild the digestive system. After reading a lot of books, I noticed that many digestive symptoms/diseases are treated in a similar way by creating an optimal digestive environment through probiotics, fish oil, and so forth. I'd be really happy to find some other people who want to share their strategies/or get better together.
Maggie B.
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