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Hi all,

A few months ago I took NSAIDS and morphine for a few weeks for severe rectal pain from an anal fissure. I also had a colonoscopy at that time. Since then a typical day is as follows:

Wake up feeling minimal pain but passing lots of gas

Eat breakfast

Have several loose bowel movements about 2-3 hours later

Around 4-5 pm get a little gnawing on the left side just under the rib

Eat some dinner and the pain gets much worse

Often pain is unbearable so I just go to bed early and have relief in the morning

I take tons of gas x, pepto bismol, even beano when I eat. I'm on a diet with very very few carbs. I had an endoscopy and was checked for hpylori a couple months ago, and it was negative BUT I was taking antibiotics at the time - does this negate the results of blood work and biopsy?

I also pass long strings of mucous often - sometimes whitish yellow, sometimes mixed in with feces.

I take a probiotic, amitryptiline 10mg at night, mezavant, reglan before meals, and ibgard peppermint capsules before meals. I have tried bentyl and lorazepam - neither help the pain.

I had a really bad gastro doc before so I'm not super confident in any of his tests. He told me the pain was in my head - I've been seeing a pain psychologist for a year and meditate 30+ min daily - this pain is not psychosomatic.

My gp suggested I increase amitryptiline but it has been making my head feel foggy and guts more sluggish. If anything, it feels like there is gas trapped on the left side that doesn't move until I sleep - so maybe taking a very small dose of senna would help?

I do notice that when I'm more active the pain sometimes (not always) seems to start a little later and gas is passed easier but I'm limited due to chronic pelvic pain.

I have also read that pancreatitis can cause this sort of pain, especially when it occurs after eating...any thoughts on this?

Thanks so much - I'm desperate so any help would be so much appreciated

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Hi GilmoreGirl,

I have a lot of these symptoms as well, and the timing you describe (night time stuff especially) is very similar to what I experience.

Have you had an EGD exam? I had one recently and was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. This seems to explain the pain under my left rib. Unfortunately, my current GI doctor didn't give my any helpful solutions for this.

Just wanted to say I hope you have a good day soon and you're not the only one going through this.
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