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Let's try this about Mitrolan, anyone?

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Does anyone know anything about a fiber product called Mitrolan? Ie: where it can be obtained, ingredients etc.?I know it supposedly contains the same polycarbophil as Fibercon, but that's it.
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Dear SteveE: go to In left hand column hit drugsGo to MitrolanHope this helpsBe well, Barbara------------------BJV/Female__(D)
That's good info, but it doesn't explain the differences between Mitrolan, Fibercon, and Equalactin.See, Fibercon has a shell which contains sodium laurel sulfate (SLS). SLS causes me canker sores and bad dry skin, so I avoid products with that ingredient. The people at Fibercon claim that the SLS is "inactive." So why the heck is it even in there then?Anyway, I was hoping that I could use Mitrolan as an alternative, but I can't FIND it anywhere.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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