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Levbid.... does anyone remember what this is/what it does??

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Hello all,I know this sounds crazy, but in desperation of feeling like #### last night and crying, I was going thru my medicine cabinet to see what I had in there... and maybe what I could take. I found a large bottle of Levbid that was almost full, so apparently I didn't take much of it, but I really can remember what it is or what it does. Does anyone remember? Is it an anit-spasmodic?? It was probably constipating, but I can't really remember.Thanks,Jill
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I don't know what it is but you can try looking it up on or Good Luck!
Levbid is an anti-spasmotic taken 2x a day. It is the same as Levsin. I take it, I love it. (except for the super dry mouth it gives me)britta
ditto that on the super dry mouth. Levbid is stronger than Levsin, but not as strong as other anti-spasmadics. I think it's a lower dose drug, HOWEVER, it seems to do great for alot of people.
Hi JillAnn, Me again. I was on Levsin, and Levsinex when my bowels first started to act up a few years ago. They are both antispasmotics. I imagine Levbid is another version. I have to take them in an emergencey now only when I've eaten too many sugars which feeds the Candida/yeast infection. Once I am back on the Diflucan, I find there is no need for the antispasmotic. To me, it is just a bandaid for the underlying problem that exists. Good luck in finding the doc that can really get at the root of your problem. I wish you comfort soon.Moldie ------------------
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