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Hi all, hope you are all feeling good today.Well, about a week ago I posted that my dr had (6 weeks late) put me on Levbid. It actually made the acute pain in my lower right abdomen worse! So, after a week of being on it,I called dr and told her to reexamine my file and my pictures from my lap surgery. Still waiting for her to call me back. I guess I'm just venting because like I've mentioned before, I don't think I have IBS, I think there's something more going on. I just don't have any of the symptoms you all speak about, but I think my GI gave me the diagnosis to basically get me out of her office. Thank goodness my OB actually thinks there is something serious going on and so he's been pushing me to tell my GI and my primary dr (and now he's contacting them directly). that I need to see a surgeon. He thinks my appendix is doing something to cause a bunch of saran wrap type growths on my organs. In 17 years he had never seen anything like it. The pictures are actually pretty scary, and my GI passed it off as the gas they inserted into me for my lap. GGGGRRRR! I'm so sorry to vent. I am just so tired of this mess, and know that if there's anyone who can understand being misunderstood, it is all of you here! Thanks for listening....------------------Jlynn------------A day without laughter is a day wasted.
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