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Librax and Immodium

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Does anyone else have this problem? I take librax three times a day but sometimes when I eat or drink something wrong I still get D. This weekend I tried to just take the Librax to get rid of the D but after two days of D I finally took 1/2 of the chewable immodium. The problem is going to be that I will probably become C because of the immodium. What are other alternatives people have used? I have colitis but it is unspecified. The librax was working until this point.
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I take Librax 4 times a day. And sometimes 3 to 4 immodium but I have Irritable bowel and the last few weeks its gotten bad even with the medications.. Foods do bother me. My doctor said I can double the librax and take 6 immodium a day. But when I have to take 3 the cramps I get are not worth it I'd rather just make sure I am home..Sorry I can't answer your question.. Hang in there
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Hi, I take 2 Librax 4 times a day, 2 pills 1/2 hr befor each meal and at bed time, I also take Lomotil, wich is an antidiareal, and is stronger than immodium. And I only take one of those at bedtime and then the next day I am totally normal, I dont get constipated. These 2 medications have really saved me. I hope you can try them togethar. If I dont take the Lomotil, but onlly take the Librax, then I still have Diareah. Good Luck!!!!kelly
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