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I usually have IBS with D but this latest attack I am having a heck of a time with constipation. Normally stress is my trigger then food irriates it. Right now I am having constipation and really painful hemmies. I was talking to the Doctor about the stress and she put me on Librax. She said that not only does it stop the spasims in the colon but also kinda have a relaxing effect for the stress. Does anyone know if this is true? Or does it cause constipation? I have been on it for three days. The day after the Doctor appointment I had a very painful bathroom day. Went three times. First one was small and hard second one was bloody, large, but soft. Thrird one was bloody and but soft. Did not go yesterday and today have very soar hemmies and a little bloody. Hemmies are killing me!!! I have increased fiber. I take benefiber mixed in crystal light. Gradually going up on the dose. I take it twice a day. I also have the metamucil caplets. I also eat more fiber and take Colace (stool softner). Am I on the right path??? I am doing so much better than I was 2 months ago but I really wish these hemmies would go away.
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HiI cannot answer all of your questions,but, i suffer from piles a lot and they can be very swollen and painful.My GP has given me an ointment called Proctosydle to put on them and i also use ice from the freezer and rub it on them a few times a day also.It has shrunk them and helped a bit.I find the ice works best.I live in the UK so you may not get the same ointment where you live.Take care.
I've been on Librax for almost 20 years. It did not work alone at first. It only worked with a donnatol "kicker" along with it. Once my IBSD was settled down it works pretty well most of the year. I still have a few flareups a year and have to add the donnatol back in to the mix.
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